Kino Imara S100

Kino Imara S100

The Imara® S100 and S60 are studio fixtures with the characteristics of the Image series, but with a more concentrated spread of light along both horizontal and vertical axes. The Imara S100 puts out about the same light output as a VistaBeam 610, yet draws only 4.3A at 120VAC (2.1A at 230VAC). The all-in-one Imara DMX fixtures also feature new levels of control by combining the benefits of lamp switching with lamp dimming making them ideal for film production, TV broadcast and digital photography. Both models use Kino Flo’s True Match® high color rendering 55W compact lamps (CRI 95) available in tungsten and daylight.

Imara Highlights

  • Concentrated, broad, even spread of light on horizontal and vertical axes.
  • DMX and manual lamp switching/dimming enhance color and intensity control.
  • Universal input 100VAC-240VAC
  • Auto terminate for DMX
  • Honeycomb louvers in 90° and 60° focus, cut the light better than barndoors.
  • Yoke Mount or Pole-Op designs mount easily, improve focusing.
  • High output, energy-efficient technology boosts light output at low power, heat levels.
  • Low amperage draw means low energy costs.
  • Efficient heat management design maintains stable color temperature.
  • Compact, lightweight design for studio and for location set lighting.
  • Color gels last 10 times longer than when used with hot lights.
  • Fixtures take high color quality (CRI 95) True Match® lamps 3200K and 5500K.
  • Fixtures also operate visual effects lamps 420nm blue and 550nm green.