Panasonic BT-LH1760 17" LCD Monitor

Panasonic LH1760

The 1760 is a 17 inch monitor small enough to be easily portable, yet large enough to view HD without getting eyestrain. It has pixel-for-pixel monitoring when 1080p detail is required. It’ll handle almost any video standard you throw at it, whether analog or digital, and it’ll accept computer connections, too. AC and DC powering makes it equally at home in the studio or in the field. The 1760’s superior motion rendering, color, and off-axis viewing performance, along with the addition of DVI-D and headphone jacks.


  • Bright picture; very good color and tone
  • Minimal color and tonal errors when viewed off-axis; black levels well preserved
  • Excellent scaling and interlaced/progressive conversion
  • Pixel-for-pixel monitoring for critical 1080-line focusing
  • Double-rate scanning with dark-frame insertion for better-than-normal motion rendering
  • Detailed waveform monitor
  • Vectorscope, timecode, and audio level displays (SDI only)
  • Full complement of composite, component, and digital inputs
  • Good user controls with plenty of customizability
  • Overlays, grids, safe action areas, etc
  • 100-240V AC and 11-17V DC powering