Cinegears Ghost-Eye 150M V2 Wireless

Cinegears Ghost-Eye 150m V2

Cinegears Ghost-Eye wireless video transmission systems are already on thousands of film sets around the globe. With all the cutting edge features packed into the compact transmitters and receivers, the choice is clear: keep watch over your shot with Ghost-Eye. The Ghost-Eye M-series provides the best solution for video and audio transmission for film and television making professionals on set and in post-production. No compromise for quality; your video and audio signals get sent at industry-leading speeds from A to B (or from A to B, C, D, and E with built-in point-to-multipoint topology) with zero compression. Your signal will arrive in all its 10-bit, 4:2:2, 1080p, 60fps glory; don’t miss a single frame! Broadcast from virtually any SDI or HDMI output you can find, and have your signal received by up to 4 Ghost-Eye receivers of any model!


  • Uses License-Free 5GHz ISM frequency band, maximum 10 frequency channels manual selection, Coexist with WIFI.
  • Supports wireless 10 bit HD video with no compression and no delay up to 150-300 meters/ 492-984 ft.
  • Uncompromising picture quality with very low latency <1m
  • Supports point to point, and point to multi points network topology, multiple receiver is supported with up to 4 receivers.
  • Cross compatibility between Cinegears Ghost-eye 100M, 300M, and 400M transmitter and receivers.
  • Highest resolution 10bits color depth 4:2:2, 1080p 60FPS HDMI and SD/HD/3G SDI input and output, HDMI – SDI cross conversion is supported.
  • Support professional audio formats include Dolby True HD, DTS-master, etc.
  • AES-128 encryption with air interface HD video data stream.
  • Time Code supported
  • Wide range power voltage input, adapts most kinds of camera batteries, optional Standard V-mount, Anton Bauer, or ¼ bolt Mount battery plate can be installed.
  • Sony F970 battery buckle, convenient for field battery install and replacement.
  • Any input and output ports with ±8 kV ESD protection level (HBM, contact discharge).
  • Plug & Play- full hardware design, no software is required.
  • Professional standard 2-pin LEMO power plugs.
  • Each RX paired to the unique TX(Transmitter) in factory Industrial metal case, stable and reliable.
  • RX(Receiver) built-in directional antenna.
  • Signal indicators for wireless power status, Video status and receiver RSSI.
  • Water and mist proof, shock proof production case with form insert ready for traveling.
  • CE, FCC, RoHS certified product, safe to use worldwide.

Avoid the clutter and headache of cables with the Cinegears Ghost-Eye 150M Wireless Video Transmission System; one Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmitter 150M, and one Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Receiver 150M. 150-300 meters/ 492-984 ft of high fidelity, uncompressed HD video transmission, feel free as you shoot indoors or out, night or day. With both 3G and HDMI inputs and outputs, and 10 workable transmission frequencies (using up to 4 simultaneously), you will utilize the current cutting edge of video transmission, adding a professional quality to your project. The Cinegears Wireless HD/SDI HD Video Transmission system is an affordable and effective solution, requiring no technical skills and virtually no learning curve to operate. We focus on creating technologies that include the most effective, reliable, and affordable solutions. With our simple and elegant design, Cinegears makes sure you’re always in focus.